Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ryan's New Haircut

Ryan FINALLY got a haircut today. We have been putting it off either because Ryan had been sleeping during hours of operation or he wasn't in a good mood. We headed to the barber shop on base today and had a sucker (which he only gets during a haircut) ready for him. He was a perfect little angel. He is turning into a sweet little boy.

Squadrons Dining Out

Steve's Squadron had their "Dining Out" last night. It is basically a chance for everyone to get dressed up and get BABYSITTERS!!!! Ryan has had a girl come over before to watch him after he fell asleep but last night Bri actually fed him, played with him, and put him to bed. He seemed a little nervous but she said he did great once we left. It was nice to have a night out with my husband but I would have preferred a good cheese pizza rather than Tofu and rice (the vegetarian meal....gross)!

Steve's Parents Visit

Steve's parents were a little late coming out to visit after Steve returned home from Iraq. Unfortunately they were hit by the huge ice storm that rolled through Arkansas about a month ago. They had severe damage around their farm. Tree limbs fell on top of their fences that surround the property. Oh yeah, and no electricity for 12 days!!!! They did make it and sure enjoyed the four days they got to spend with Ryan.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Steve's Home!!!

Steve is finally home! After four months in Iraq, Ryan has his daddy back. Steve came back last Thursday afternoon. They were scheduled to land around 1:00p.m. but didn't end up landing till 3:00p.m. It was a challenge keeping Ryan occupied for two hours while we waited anxiously. The balloons in the squadron definitely helped.

We got to walk right out to where the jets park after landing to greet the guys. It was very loud due to the jet noise. Ryan was offered ear protection but didn't like them!

Steve flew about nine hours from Iraq to Spain on Wednesday then flew about ten hours from Spain to South Carolina on Thursday. Due to the cold weather this time of year the pilots have to wear a dry suit because of the flight over the Atlantic (just in case they would have to eject).
Ryan seemed to remember his daddy but was more interested in the jet.