Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sumter Has A Pumpkin Patch

The last couple of weeks I have been asking around where I could find a pumpkin patch. I didn't want to have to leave Sumter. Obviously my last posting showed I gave in and went to good old Walmart to get our pumpkins. Our friends, the Penrods, told me about a church in town that has pumpkins in their field beside the church. Ryan and I met them today to take a few pics. He thought this would be a great date for his future wife Caroline and him to meet.

Caroline, I forgot flowers......please take this hay as a token of my love for you.

Two Weeks Down!

Two weeks down and thirteen to go. Ryan and I have been trying to stay really busy since Steve has left. With Halloween right around the corner we headed to Walmart to get pumpkins for the porch. Our house is a ranch style so we have no stairs on the inside. Ryan is still trying to master how to go up and down the front porch stairs.

You realize how big your little ones get when you have to pack up all the clothes that don't fit and get the clothes out you thought looked HUGE at one point. Shannon (my BFF in Utah) bought Ryan these PJ's for his first birthday. They are 2T and fit him perfectly!!! I really didn't think he would wear them until at least this winter....oh well. Thanks Shannon, we miss you.

Debra's husband returned from Iraq about one week ago. They went to visit his family in Baltimore. Ryan has been very lonely without his BFF and looks for him everyday.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Cart For "TWO" please!

Before having Ryan, I never paid those carts for multiple children any attention. Now, I get very upset when we cannot find them for the boys.....why doesn't EVERY store have these!!!! (Lowes, Target, and Sams are the only ones we have found) We can shop for hours while the boys entertain themselves.

Ryan helping mommy clean up the cabinets.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daddy Is Off

Unfortunately the time has come for us to say bye to Steve for four months. It will definitely be hard without him around here, but harder for him not to be around Ryan. As Steve was packing Ryan offered his favorite dump truck for Steve to take.....Steve told Ryan just to keep it here at home! Steve's squadron didn't fly jets over because they are replacing another squadron from Shaw. The chartered plane they left on flew right over our neighborhood. Debra, Gavin, Ryan, and I waited for an hour for the fly over in our cul-de-sac

Toby waited patiently too.Have a safe trip.....We love you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sumter Fair

What better way to spend Steve's last full day in Sumter??? Yes, you guessed it...the Sumter County Fair!!!! Ryan loved all the noise, lights, animals, and even funnel cake. We stopped and looked at the farm animals first. Ryan told me to tell his Papa Roger that he wants a pony for Christams.

This horse looks a little bigger than the ones I have seen on the farm!!!

Daddy and Mommy had to race each other at a game to win my first fair monkey. Guess who won? Mommy!!!!!
Ryan loved the Merry-Go-Round.
The Ferris Wheel was a different story. Once it started going around Ryan held on to Steve and looked like he might get sick. I don't think he likes heights.....just like his Mommy!