Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sorry, No Pics

I can't believe it has been almost three weeks since Halloween. Yes, I haven't taken any new pictures of Ryan. My friend, Brooke, came to stay with us last weekend for about five days. She was so helpful. It was rainy almost the whole time she was here. We kept saying we needed to get the camera out and it never happened.

Ryan's daycare gave me a note a few weeks ago saying they were merging with another daycare in town due to financial reasons. It adds on about 15 min more to my day when I work. The week started off good, timed the drive just perfect and got to work on time. Tuesday night about 1:00 a.m. I heard Ryan crying. Sometimes he makes a few noises and goes back to bed. I thought I better check on him. Sure enough he had thrown up all over his crib. He got sick two more times and ended up in bed with mama. He was acting better when morning came but thought I'd better make sure so I scheduled an appt. with the doctor that afternoon. Come to find out he had a sinus infection therefore he is on Amoxicillin for the next ten days. He hadn't had a fever since Tuesday night so I took him to daycare on Thursday since I had to work. They said he did fine at daycare that day. Friday rolled around and I notice sores in his mouth.....back to Sumter Peds @5:30p.m. Saturday he woke up and was in a great mood until we got ready for the grocery and as we were walking out the door he got sick again!!! Hopefully this passes soon. Mama is tired and needs a break.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Last year Ryan was a pumpkin for Halloween. This year his Aunt Lee thought he needed to be a little more professional with his costume. She bought him a scrub outfit at Children's Hospital and my mom made him a scrub hat with skulls on it. He was super handsome this year. My friend Kelly and her son Brian (he was Cookie Monster) joined us along with my neighbor Debra and Gavin (he was a lion). We had the best looking kids on the block! These boys had a great time and didn't want to give up their candy! Thanks Lee and Mom for the costume.

Sisters Make A Road Trip!!!

My sisters Lee & Meredith drove down from Ohio to stay a week with me and Ryan. We tried to plan the trip about a month after Steve left to give us something to look forward to. Luckily I wasn't busy at work this week so I only had to work two half days and spent the rest of the week having sister time. It was super nice to feel like I had two live in nannies to help with Ryan. They feed him, played with him, gave him his baths, and helped put him to sleep. It was wonderful to have a peaceful shower this past week. My Grandma Connie lives in Fayetteville, NC with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis. They were kind enough to meet us half way at Cracker Barrel for an early dinner. My cousin Daphne and her son Kurtus also got to join us. It was so wonderful to see everyone. Thank you Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis!!!